Better CRM Through GIS
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Archaeological Site and APE Mapping
Cartographic Representation
Geodatabase Development
Historic Data Assimilation
Impacts Analysis
Predictive Modeling
Three-Dimensional Analysis
Viewshed and Spatial Analysis
Impacts Analysis
A project's potential impacts to cultural resources can be easily assessed through GIS. This exercise is useful in the planning stages of a project so that the project and its APE can be designed to avoid or minimize impacts to cultural resources as much as is practical.

By overlaying project components, footprints, and Areas of Potential Effect (APE) on existing cultural resource GIS data, one can determine whether cultural resources may be impacted by a proposed project. If a cultural resource has detailed documentation in GIS (i.e. the extent and nature of subsurface deposits, the specific location and extent of features), then the exact nature of a project's impacts may also be determined. For certain sites or certain projects, impacts analysis may be conducted in 3D (e.g. vertical or subsurface) in addition to 2D. More information about 3D Analysis is located

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