Better CRM Through GIS
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Archaeological Site and APE Mapping
Cartographic Representation
Geodatabase Development
Historic Data Assimilation
Impacts Analysis
Predictive Modeling
Three-Dimensional Analysis
Viewshed and Spatial Analysis
Geodatabase Development

Databases are great management tools. But spatial databases have the added advantage of allowing the user to visually see the data results in geographic space. For this reason, geodatabases are powerful analysis tools, allowing users to perform both spatial and non-spatial analyses that potentially result in the discovery of new patterns and interpretations of data.

In cultural resource management, geodatabases can vary in scope and scale, and are highly customizable. You may want to keep an inventory of all cultural resources in your jurisdiction or on your managed lands. Or, you may want to create a geodatabase for use and incorporation into an archival artifact catalogue. Whatever your need, a well-designed geodatabase will allow you to efficiently update, manage and retrieve your data.

HomeAboutServicesCultural Resources & GISProjectsPortfolioContact