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Cartographic Representation

DIGS loves making maps, and our map-making skills are exceptional. We understand that a good map communicates complex information in a clear, concise and convincing manner. Quality maps need to be properly designed, whether they are simply included in support of report text, whether they are poster-sized and intended to propose a new project idea to a client, or whether they are intended as a reference map for a broad user base.

In the cultural resource discipline, as in all disciplines, good maps require both artistic design ability and an understanding of the scientific disciplines they represent. DIGS meets both criteria! In the cultural resource realm, a thorough understanding of the scientific data as well as the applicable laws governing CRM are a must.
While maps may be intended to persuade, a good ethical cartographer never manipulates the data in order to mislead the viewer or to misrepresent the data.

DIGS offers an array of related cartographic services:

  • Design and layout ideas
  • Symbolization and representation help
  • Techniques for adding clarity and simplicity
  • Peer review and feedback
  • Map generation from start to finish

The cartographic process is a dymanic one, and good maps route through many revisions. Because of this, maps evolve over time and a cartographer's skills are always being refined. Feedback and peer review are an important part of that process, and we can all learn from eachother.

Because of protective laws, examples of cultural resource maps are not included here. However, a few examples of cartographic design are located on the
Portfolio Page. These examples include both raster and vector data, and map symbology and color choices range from traditional industry standards, to artistic and interpretive.Please check the Portfolio Page now and then as our "In Progress" maps are ever evolving into final products, perhaps lending insight into the cartographic process.
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