Better CRM Through GIS
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DIGS offers an array of GIS services, not limited to the realm of CRM. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about these services or want to know whether we can help you with a GIS-related project or task. Our services broadly include:

  • Consultation on your project and the use of GIS
  • Geodatabase design, construction, and maintenance
  • Dataset creation, modification and editing
  • Detailed georeferencing and raster management
  • 3-dimensional analysis, including historic ground surface modeling, cut and fill analysis, and viewshed analysis
  • Cultural Resource Predictive Modeling using raster- or vector-based analyses
  • Demographics mapping, including U.S. Census Bureau data, health data, and other demographic and social science data for use in market research, or NEPA Environmental Justice studies, for example
  • Historic dataset creation, processing, and analysis including georeferencing of historic aerial imagery and historic maps
  • GPS data collection and management
  • Metadata generation to FGDC standards
  • Cartographic design and data representation to show off your data, results, and ideas or to propose new ones convincingly
  • and more...

For detailed information about how GIS can assist in Cultural Resource Management, visit the next page here.


HomeAboutServicesCultural Resources & GISProjectsPortfolioContact