Better CRM Through GIS
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Archaeological Site and APE Mapping
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Cultural Resources & GIS

As cultural resource professionals know, the most critical piece of data is the resource's location. Because of this, GIS dovetails nicely with Cultural Resource Management, archaeology, and historic preservation. However, the involvement of GIS need not end with documenting a cultural resource's location. Click on the links in the vertical bar at left to learn about some of the other ways GIS can aid in CRM.

If you are a Small Cultural Resource Firm without GIS capability: DIGS can be held on retainer to generate APE and Site Form location and sketch maps. We maintain an enormous geolibrary of spatial data, including aerial imagery, historic imagery, historic topographic maps, modern USGS Quadrangles, and other data for northwest States. Generating the requisite 1:24k USGS APE, site location, and surveyed area maps can be completed quickly and efficiently. If clients permit it, we can also share APE and site data with SHPO offices, ensuring accuracy in their records.

If you are a Cultural Resource Firm with GIS capability: DIGS can consult with you about or assist you with specialized cultural resource documentation and analysis methods.

If you are an Agency or a Tribe: DIGS can assist you in creating, updating, or maintaining a database of the cultural resources on your managed lands. Tracking these cultural resource locations and conditions over time may help you achieve management goals and remain compliant with federal regulations for site protection.

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