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DeMaris Integrated GeoSpatial Solutions (DIGS) is a small, woman-owned business in Spokane, Washington, specializing in cartographic design and GIS particularly as it relates to cultural and environmental resources, demographic and social science analysis. Our services are not limited to the realm of cultural resources, however. DIGS possesses diverse skillsets in data visualization, data modeling, cartography, database management and spatial analysis. Further, DIGS recognizes their clients’ unique needs for confidentiality and data sensitivity protocols and works closely with agency reviewers, contracting program managers, and project personnel and affected parties to create, analyze, and contribute GIS data for project purposes. Visit our Services Page for a listing of our general GIS capabilities.

Our professional experience in archaeology and cultural resource management (CRM) since 1998 affords a unique understanding of the ways in which GIS can aid in CRM processes. Because of our cultural resource expertise, we have devised creative GIS solutions to CRM challenges. To learn about how GIS applies to CRM, click here. (Due to the sensitive nature of cultural resource data, specific examples of archaeological site maps are not provided, but other examples of cartography and thematic maps are available for viewing on the Portfolio Page.

We provide exceptional quality in our services. Here is what some of our clients say about us:

"I have worked with Raena for years in both corporate and private businesses and the GIS expertise she provides is exceptional. Her attention to detail, timely deliverables and customer satisfaction always exceeds my expectations. Over the years, I have worked with many GIS specialists and Raena is beyond a doubt the most qualified individual that I have ever worked with."
-Jim Sharpe, MS Consultant and Owner of Columbia Valley Archaeological Services

"Always puts out a quality product."
-Darci Teel, Environmental Program Manager, Mission Support Alliance

"I work on complex research projects with a variety of clients who have different GIS requirements. Over the years, I have worked with a number of GIS staff and those experiences have been positive and negative. I am happy to say that my experience with Ms. DeMaris [DIGS] has been the best one so far. I plan to use exclusively use her services for all my current and future GIS needs."
-Sylvester L. Lahren, Jr. PhD Retired Professor, and owner of Lahren Associates

DIGS clients and experience range from federal agency contractors to privately-owned engineering offices and non-profit organizations. We have the expertise to assist you with your GIS needs, whether they be small tasks involving map generation, or large and complex long-term projects. Contact us to learn how GIS can support your needs!

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